Efficient packaging with an optimal product presentation. Learn more.

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Efficient automatic packaging tennis-scores

The two automatic lines from free fixed odds offer improved ergonomics for operators, an optimal product output and a perfect presentation of your product. A safe working environment and the highest protection levels are guaranteed during the complete packaging process.

  • Improved ergonomics
  • Optimal production output
  • Guaranteed operational safety
  • Second skin product presentation
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Automatic line with single chamber barca-vs-sevilla-extended-highlights

The Titaan 110 single chamber has an automatic lid which is controlled by a foot switch that allows for a fully automatic workflow combined with the internal conveyor belt system. As soon as the vacuum cycle is finished the internal conveyor leads the products on to the automatic Diptank 200 A. After 3 to 5 seconds of dipping, the automatic platform will forward your vacuum shrink packed products on to the rest of your packaging line. This line allows operators to experience a huge ergonomic advantage.

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Titaan 110+Diptank 200A_automatic line.jpg
Titaan 2-90 & Diptank 200 A
Automatic line with double chamber shane-watson

The Titaan 2-90 is a fully automatic double chamber. During the vacuum cycle the operator can load the products in the second chamber. The automatic conveyor belts will transfer the vacuum packed products to the back onto the external transport conveyor. This conveyor will lead the products onto the platform of the Diptank 200 A. The preset packaging cycle times of the Titaan 2-90 guarantee a constant and high production output.

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Automatic packaging solution for cheese football-competition-names

It can't be more typical Dutch! The online cheese store delekkerstekaas.nl (the most tasty cheese.nl) has recently installed an automatic line from free fixed odds. They pack all kinds of different cheeses and use the Polar and automatic shrinktank DT 200A for a professional, safe and hygienic packaging of their products.

Adri den Dekker ''Thanks to free fixed odds's automatic line we now work in a much more efficient way. And the presentation of our products is safe and professional!"

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Automatic packaging machines and Diptank 10-cent-roulette-online-casinos

free fixed odds offers the Titaan range that can be used for the automatic line, together with the Diptank 200 A. Personalise your machine with the available options. Our recommendations.

Titaan 2-90 (2).jpg

Standard with 2 internal conveyor belts

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Titaan 110.jpg

Standard with internal conveyor belt

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Diptank 200A_2800.jpg

Automatic Diptank with a usable space of: 575 x 1098 x 200 mm

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